March 30, 2020 Herb 12
Last night we had our first test run of having drive-in church. It worked fairly well, except that the PA system had some physical ailment. I believe it was a couple of bad cables, but it worked out okay and now we Continue Reading[...]

Drive-In Church

March 29, 2020 Herb 13
We have been streaming our services since the governor of Colorado asked us not to assemble in groups of ten or more. While he did say religious services could be exempt our pastor felt that the safer thing was to stream the Continue Reading[...]


March 27, 2020 Herb 47
Sorry if you saw this post and it disappeared and here it is, back again. I actually had posted it absentmindedly while I was writing. I don’t know if this means you will have to repost your comment or not. Sorry. Last Continue Reading[...]

March 26 of 20

March 26, 2020 Herb 8
We have been using the Youversion Bible App for a long time. You can have the Bible read to you or you can read it online, or download some versions to read when you don’t have a connection. On the Home Page Continue Reading[...]

Against The Wall

March 24, 2020 Herb 21
It’s been a while since I have let myself get into the position of not having a post ready to go. I had a couple of ideas and then when I started to work on them I couldn’t get them to work Continue Reading[...]

Genie in the Ology

March 22, 2020 Herb 16
As some of you know, my wife is working on compiling our genealogy and spends hours tracking down distant relatives on both sides and knows a lot more than most of the family about it. Most of the people were respectable, hardworking Continue Reading[...]