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April 26, 2021 Herb
Blogging A – Z Challenge 2021: V Is For The Villanelle Of The Villainous Villain L

Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 22361 – 825: Here’s the haps: My dear fans, friends, fiends, foes, foundlings, frolicking freaks, and other nice assorted people, I went looking back to find the post…

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September 26, 2020 Herb
The Much Promised, Highly Vaunted Villanelle – I Did It And It Was Okay – Also A Tiny Bit About An Old DOS Game I Enjoyed

Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 22148 – 720: I sat down and wrote this and I feel pretty good about it. I am highly honored to know that there are, in my…

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January 21, 2020 Herb
To Coffee Only Half A Cup An Ode (Or rather, my feeble attempt at one.) Caffeine! Adrenaline! Adenosine!Epi--Epi--Epinephrine!Yay team! Rah-rah! Goooo Team Coffee! Getting excited is easy to doWhen you've had…

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