Genie in the Ology

Genie in the Ology

Herb March 22, 2020

As some of you know, my wife is working on compiling our genealogy and spends hours tracking down distant relatives on both sides and knows a lot more than most of the family about it. Most of the people were respectable, hardworking folks like farmers and machinists along with other, more highfalutin folk, like professors and such.

Of course, then there’s Great-Uncle George, who was executed in the electric chair. Well, how would we describe him? Then we were fortunate enough to come up with this obituary, “Great-uncle George occupied a chair of applied electronics at an important government institution, was attached to his position by the strongest of ties, and his death came as a great shock.”

Oh, come on, lighten up

16 thoughts on “Genie in the Ology

    1. It is fascinating. It’s better to start looking into it at your age, though, if you can, while all the older people who have firsthand knowledge are still alive. It’s a lot harder now that they are gone. Interview them and take notes, or make videos of your conversations with them.

        1. She has really worked hard on it. She has her own family back that far, too. My biological father’s family is kind of hard to get kickstarted, but she keeps working on it.

              1. Luckily, in India, many of the religious places maintain genealogical records over an extremely long period of time. Also, it is tradition to remember the name of a famous person born in your family thousands of years ago, so it is easy here to trace your past.

                1. That’s really cool 👍. How interesting. So, (you might rather make a post on your blog than reply here) who is the famous person in your family and what did they do?

                2. I don’t remember clearly. I think he was a saint in the extremely ancient era who did extreme penace and was united with the lord.

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