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Curmudgeonly Monday – Likers

I joined the community a while ago using the Jetpack plugin on my self-hosted site. I think I like the reader for the most part. I have it set up so people can comment on posts by visiting my site or by following me in their readers. This is cool but there is something I don’t get about the “likes.” I get likes on posts and on comments, but if you get a “like” on a post does it mean the person actually read that post? To me, it looks like all you would have to do is just click the little star and go on down the line of blogs you follow. So, if I follow a hundred blogs, which I don’t, but if I did, I could just scroll down and click, click, click all the way down. Then, supposedly, I would have all these people reciprocating likes. Is that what this is all about? I like you and you like me?

What I do is read every blog I’m signed up to follow, whether they can be read on the Reader or I have to go to their actual site; I’ll read the post and if I like it, (which I often do because I only follow blogs I like to read), I click the little star button. I will leave a comment if it’s something I can comment on, as well. There are three photoblogs on my list that I like but I don’t always comment on and there are some posts that don’t require any comment. I enjoy the interactions and to me, it’s the comments that are important because then you have to actually have at least given the post a cursory read.

I have had several “Likes” in the last little while and haven’t gotten around to them but if someone leaves a comment I try to get back to that a lot quicker. Occasionally, especially if a person hasn’t commented before, a comment will wind up in my pending or in my spam folder. “Likes,” on the other hand are weird. I have had several where I clicked on the person because I have not seen their name or their blog before and the site is gone. The “Likes” are still up there but there is nobody behind them, so do they actually mean anything?

On the other hand, I do want to thank all of you for this little notice I received today in my reader:



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24 responses to “Curmudgeonly Monday – Likers”

  1. Lydia Avatar

    Not me! I read your awesome posts, and I LOVE them! 🙂 Congrats!

    1. Brothers Campfire Avatar

      Blah blah… You are a snotty nosed little sister. You only read this because you thought it was about the new Motorcycle Gang Led by you… Lydia’s Bikers
      or rather….”the Likers”

      1. Herb Avatar

        Now, now. You know your little sister learned about Kleenex.

      2. Herb Avatar

        Wouldn’t it be the Lykers?

        1. Brothers Campfire Avatar

          I Suppose.

      3. Lydia Avatar

        Bro, this ain’t your blog! Give me a break! Like good grief. I’ll go tell dad if you are mean one more time!

        1. Brothers Campfire Avatar

          Fine! Lydia the Liker! Lydia the Liker!

          Have a blessed, Beautiful Day!

          1. Lydia Avatar

            Big mouth! You knew you would get a whopping whoopin!

            Thank you!

              1. Lydia Avatar

                Is that the big mouth emoji or are you offended??

                1. Brothers Campfire Avatar

                  Ha ha! It was my anticipation for a whooping face.

    2. Herb Avatar

      Thank you so much! I appreciate it.

  2. Dumbestblogger Avatar

    Sorry, I’m not in the habit of clicking off of wordpress to leave a comment, which is why I don’t always leave comments on your posts, which I do read and enjoy. You’re right about the like button on wordpress. I have certain followers, I notice, who always like posts with certain tags, and never comment. There definitely seems to be something automated going on there.
    Also, I should really visit your site more often. The coffee beans in the background are so soothing,

    1. Herb Avatar

      Thank you so much. I thought I had changed the settings sufficiently to allow for reading and commenting from the reader instead of making you have to come to the site every time. I do like coffee.

  3. Herb Avatar

    Children! Control yourselves, please! I’m trying to run a civilized blog here and I’ve got two kids arguing like a couple of siblings! Settle down. (Is there a tongue-in-cheek emoji?)

    1. Lydia Avatar

      I’m sorry, but I’m laughing too hard to talk legit right now!!!!🤣
      He started it! 😉
      I thought we were siblings….🤔

      1. Herb Avatar

        You can be siblings without the sible war. =-} Lol

        1. Lydia Avatar

          I try, I really do, but Ben likes fighting.

          1. Herb Avatar

            lol. Well, he does have other little sisters…

            1. Lydia Avatar

              Yeah, and I am blessed (unfortunately) 😉 to be one of them!
              Overall, he’s awesome!

  4. Brothers Campfire Avatar

    Begrudgingly, Benjamin liked the Curmudgeon.

  5. Cherie Avatar

    Great post! I usually read every post I come to before I click a like. Then comment. And if I don’t comment right away (sometimes I read posts before I go to work in the morning), I will come back later and comment.

    But I do understand where you’re coming from. Thank you for this post!

    1. Herb Avatar

      Thank you so much for dropping by and saying hi!

  6. Ishaan Sharma Avatar

    Oh there are talented folk on wordpress who can predict that a post deserves a like without reading it. Luckily I am not one of them.
    Wordpress needs to remove the like without read feature.

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