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Whoops! Time Out!

I got nominated for two more “awards” today. Even if I do them like I did yesterday’s award there are still a total of seventeen questions to answer. I will answer them tomorrow, I think. A couple of the questions actually intrigued me. As you all should know and remember from yesterday’s post, I think almost all of these so-called “awards” are just a bunch of phony-baloney nonsense whose sole purpose is to drive traffic. Traffic is cool, but they all have a bunch of silly, goofy rules to follow. And why say you are nominating someone? There’s no panel of judges. It’s not a contest. and the questions, therefore the rules, change with every entry.

There have been exceptions, however. For instance, I am proud of my Northwich Warrior Society badge:

Boo that fear!

But I had to earn it. I had to write a post about a fear or anxiety I overcame and it had to be judged worthy by Commander Nicholas. Last week or whenever it was I was tagged by the Dumbest Blogger to write about books, but he didn’t attach a bunch of silly rules or say it was some award, I just answered some questions.

But I will try to answer the questions from these “awards”, which were given with the kindest thoughts toward me and I don’t disdain the feeling behind them. I am actually looking forward to writing about a couple of the questions because they were very serious and I want to provide a serious and sincere answer.

So, on another topic, I am thinking of doing a humor blog. With many of my old jokes and a few new ones as I come across them. I’m thinking, “Herb’s Humor – Jokes so clean you can tell your pastor.”

Son: Why is my sister’s name Paris?
Dad: Because we conceived her in Paris. Why do you ask, Quarantine?







16 responses to “Whoops! Time Out!”

  1. Sandeep Avatar

    Congratulations. Way to go!

  2.  Avatar

    I’m looking forward to hearing a clean joke or two.

    1. Herb Avatar

      Thanks, someone!

      1. Lydia Avatar

        Oh my word… your humor! It’s too funny!
        I don’t know if that “Thanks, someone” was meant to be funny, but it made my day!

        1. Herb Avatar

          Well, it was sot of meant to be sarcastic/funny.

          1. Lydia Avatar

            Still funny.
            Congrats on your first typo! I hit my 398457th yesterday.

            1.  Avatar

              Lol I love that, I don’t think I could ever keep track.

              1. Herb Avatar

                Oh, I think you could if you tried. Well, maybe not.

        2. Herb Avatar


  3. Lisa Long Preisler Avatar

    That’s what happens when you say you don’t want awards… bwahahaha! 🤪

    1. Herb Avatar

      Thanks a lot!

  4. Lydia Avatar

    Don’t think that 2 awards is a lot! I’ve had 36 in my drafts before, and some sat in there almost a year! 🙂

    1. Herb Avatar

      Maybe I should save yours for a rainy day.

  5. dumbestblogger Avatar

    That’s quite a joke. I have a friend who was traveling with his father and was perplexed that his Dad was very insistent on taking a picture of a random hotel. Then he figured it out.

    1. Herb Avatar


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