Drive-In Church

We have been streaming our services since the governor of Colorado asked us not to assemble in groups of ten or more. While he did say religious services could be exempt our pastor felt that the safer thing was to stream the services over our church website along with posting archives of his new daily podcast. The Heritage Pentecostal Church website is here.

Tonight we are going to try something new for us, drive-in church! The speakers and PA system and a few instruments are set up outside and you go to church and listen with your windows down. You can see each other and kind of communicate, but at least you are at church with your brothers and sisters.

Since I am such a helpful guy, I am going to post these guidelines to help everyone out, just in case you need them.

And, even though we are a Pentecostal church, you might want to double-check if we have permission for this:


I like comments and try to respond to them all if I can:

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