Curmudgeonly Monday – Urban Legend Spreaders

I almost forgot that today is Curmudgeonly Monday and started acting almost sort of close to pleasant to people today. Pheeww! good thing I caught that. So, here’s something that makes me feel like a curmudgeon.

Myths and urban legends don’t belong in the mouths or emails or social media of people claiming to be Christians. Well, nobody should be spreading junk information, no matter who you are. Quit lying and quit opening your mouth when you only want to sound smart but don’t have a clue what you are saying. If you are one of these people then I probably better explain that, while that statement is literal, it actually includes writing it on the Internet somewhere as well. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, please be quiet.

Drinking apple cider vinegar will not cure Covid-19. Neither will drinking bleach or spraying your body with bleach. If you drink bleach you will likely die and if not, you will wish you had. Look it up because it’s worse than dying of Covid-19. If you don’t have enough common sense to not do these things, well then it’s good you stopped by because I want to help you have a little common sense. I will at least share as much as I have.

Rubbing your body with sesame oil may make you smell tasty but it won’t stop a virus. Neither will coconut oil. Same with garlic. It’s good and good for you, but it doesn’t prevent Covid-19. If you rub garlic all over your body you won’t have to worry about vampires, however, and the more you eat the more it’s likely to help you with social distancing. Drinking water every 15 minutes may keep you hydrated, which is healthy and helpful overall, but it won’t wash the germs down your throat and kill them in your stomach acids. Drinking gallons of water is very dangerous, too. Marijuana and/or Cocaine are not secret cures the government knows about and is hiding. Vitamin C and citrus fruits are good and healthy for you but they don’t fight this virus any more than any other one. Sorry, PETA UK, eating meat doesn’t cause the virus, either.

I saw somewhere that in Philadelphia someone started a rumor that black people can’t get the virus. This is really dangerous. Thankfully, none of the black people I know are stupid enough to believe such a thing, but the implications are mind-blowing. I can see some knucklehead walking around thinking he’s invincible because he’s Black/Jewish/Greek/Arabian/Whatever coughing and sneezing all over his friends and family. If you are someone who has repeated this lie, please stop. It is equally as dangerous to be hateful and bully people because they’re Chinese. That has to stop. Racism does not only exist in the United States and is a dangerous evil on every continent. Racism is the opposite of what anybody needs in this time of crisis or any other time. The Bible, and I paraphrase to save time and get to the meaning, says that everyone has the same blood.

So my statement for Curmudgeonly Monday is, quit hating and lying and know what you’re talking about before you start flapping your gums.

Remember, the Good Book says, “…And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;” (Act 17:26 KJV)


  1. I think the proverb of keeping your mouth shut in order to not show your ignorance fits here.
    And hoorah for addressing racism, such a way to show just how low the human condition can take us. It all started in the Garden of Eden when no one could take responsibility for their own actions. We always have to have a scapegoat. It’s truly sad.

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