Mystery Blogger Award

January 29, 2020 Herb 2
I was nominated for this award by Brothers’ Campfire and thank him for the intellectual challenge and opportunity. I’m not even sure what it means and there was no talk of cash Continue Reading[...]

Security – Shmecurity

January 28, 2020 Herb 6
Well, not really. Security is a real pain, though. Some users on one of the sites I administer, Brothers Campfire, were having trouble with Google Chrome because his web address started with Continue Reading[...]

Dumb Dog

January 27, 2020 Herb 6
IT’S A DOG’S LIFE A butcher is working, and really busy. He notices a dog in his shop and shoos him away. Later, he notices the dog is back again. He walks Continue Reading[...]


January 26, 2020 Herb 7
I originally posted this on one of the earlier incarnations of this blog on 06/23/09. I didn’t re-post it on that date here because I have rewritten a few lines of it. Continue Reading[...]

Tree Problems

January 24, 2020 Herb 2
TREE PROBLEMS A renowned plant pathologist was called in to determine why a group of trees in a particular forest were rapidly succumbing to some kind of disease. No sooner would one Continue Reading[...]

To Coffee

January 21, 2020 Herb 3
An Ode (Or rather, my feeble attempt at one.) Caffeine! Adrenaline! Adenosine!Epi–Epi–Epinephrine!Yay team! Rah-rah! Goooo Team Coffee! Getting excited is easy to doWhen you’ve had a cup or twoOr three or four Continue Reading[...]