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Well, not really. Security is a real pain, though. Some users on one of the sites I administer, Brothers Campfire, were having trouble with Google Chrome because his web address started with http: instead of https: and I had to find a way to fix that. This error is not as intrusive on other browsers but Chrome won’t let you get past without severe warnings and restrictions. Okay, Chrome, Okay! You don’t have to beat me over the head with it. I’ll fix it.

Sure, Herb, sure.

I do all of my hosting and web-related stuff through I have been with them ever since I wrote my first web page and hosted it as So, about 15 years. Never had any major trouble and the few times that I did, I was able to get things resolved quickly. This might have been simpler, too, if I would have wanted to pay for their SSL certificates with a starting price of $69.95. Thankfully, I found out you can secure your site for free if you want to work at it. You will notice when you visit the various sites I run that they all have the secure prefix. I fixed ’em.

I would probably have gotten lost and just defenestrated the whole thing, but I discovered a very, very helpful website called Good Tech Guru who walked me step-by-step through the whole process in an article called, How to Get a Free SSL for GoDaddy. The article’s byline is Meiji T, and it was the most helpful article of its type I have seen in a while.

But it does take time, so, nighty-night gentle readers.

Please remember that if you click a link that goes off my site, I really (and since I have an audience of the best and brightest I can hear the resounding, “Duh,” already, but there is .001% of my readers who need this disclaimer, sorry.) can’t be responsible for their content.


  1. Actually, I believe (I believe) that if you are using a Chrome Operating System computer (Chromebase or Chromebook) you really don’t have to worry about security at all. I believe that a Linux distribution has the same effect. The idea is to ditch all “Windows” programs.

  2. I use the Chrome Operating System on a Chromebase computer and security is not an issue at all because every entry is sandboxed and the system constantly updates automatically with their security patches.

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