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To Coffee

Only Half A Cup

An Ode

(Or rather, my feeble attempt at one.)

Caffeine! Adrenaline! Adenosine!
Yay team! Rah-rah! Goooo Team Coffee!

Getting excited is easy to do
When you’ve had a cup or two
Or three or four or five
Which makes you feel
You’ve come alive!

You say, perhaps, you like decaf
And/or, (this should make you laugh)
When someone offers a cup to you
You reluct, and then respond
That a half-a-cup will have to do
Even though that makes you despond

In the Eighties they touted Sanka
Especially T.V. doctor, Marcus Welby, M.D.
But to me, the caffeine-less idea stank-a
Coffee without caffeine just feels empty
So take a hike, Oh, Bobby Young
Caffeine is what makes coffee fun

Marcus Welby, M.D.


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