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I originally posted this on one of the earlier incarnations of this blog on 06/23/09. I didn’t re-post it on that date here because I have rewritten a few lines of it. It was, in fact, called, “Duck.”

When we lived at the old house I used to have to park in the street. It was the top of the main street of that neighborhood on a “T” intersection. One of the dangers and nuisances in doing this is that sooner or later some drunken clown is going to damage your vehicle and thus did it, even so. Some unknown knuckleheaded scoundrel, probably a drunkard and a varlet as well, broke my driver’s side mirror off the minivan a few months back and it just hung there.

The cost to replace the mirror itself is around $80 used ($250 new) not counting labor or time spent if you do it yourself. But, wait a minute campers. Don’t despair! There is a miracle available for just a couple of dollars. A secret old Army repair tool called one-hundred-mile-an-hour tape, or known to civilians as variably duct tape or duck tape. It’s called hundred-mile-an-hour tape because it could hold a jeep together, whatever part or parts needed repairing, at speeds up to one hundred miles an hour.

Used by the Army and veterans alike since it was invented in the 40’s it is the perfect addition to any toolbox and a must-have if you have a broken mirror and you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to get it repaired. You will probably recognize this as a standard part of any toolbox. All you really need to have is a roll of this, some WD40, 3-in-one oil, one each flathead and Phillips screwdriver and pliers. What else do you need? Since Carter is a crusty old horse soldier, retired Army staff sergeant and has feet whose smell could make a Yeti jealous; and he uses “Duck” brand tape, I decided that’s what I would buy, with the Trust E. Duck logo.

I secured the mirror against the vehicle with my belly (Carter doesn’t have much of a one compared to me so I don’t know how he manages to fix stuff) and put some preliminary strips of tape lengthwise to hold it on. Easy to rip while holding something, then I wrapped it around the length-wise strips.

Then the test. Is “Duck” brand tape really hundred-mile-an-hour tape?
I wouldn’t know. The van wouldn’t go above 65, so the best I can say from personal experience is that Duck brand tape is sixty-five-mile-an-hour tape.

Herb “Mr. Fix-It Himself” Thiel.


7 responses to “Duck!”

  1. Carter Avatar

    just wish I could find some of that “green tape” the army used to have-you could hold a battleship together with it

    1. john liming Avatar

      what was the army doing with a battleship?

      1. Carter Avatar

        hiding it from the navy

  2. Herb Avatar

    Is that better than duck tape?

  3. john liming Avatar

    Duck tape (Duct tape) surely is very versatile. My most recent use for it has been to cover the camera lens on my computer when I am not using it to keep the snoops from observing me as I sleep in the altogether in a bed near the computer. I have used little pieces of it folded over itself to hang pictures and they have stayed hung for years. — I used it to hold a broken bicycle frame together and it worked extremely well — I used it to attach a hose to my clothes dryer and it works very well — I use it to hold a telephone line into a broken phone jack on the wall and no problem …. I use it to stick fragile things to table tops … no problem …. I use it to rip hairs off my arm when I am in a particularly sado-masochistic mood … and while it is effective, I would not recommend it as casual entertainment. LOL

    1. Herb Avatar

      Well, most of those are really cool ideas. I’m not sure about the arm hair thing although there are stories of soldiers using it for bandages.

  4. […] Margy over at Amusives was talking about how her husband, The Car Guy, declared that her vacuum cleaner of ten years was deceased. In the comments, I recalled how I had a sergeant one time tell me that you only needed 2 items in your toolbox, duct tape and WD-40. If it moves and it isn’t supposed to, duct tape. If it doesn’t move and it’s supposed to, WD-40. If WD-40 doesn’t work, use a hammer. Back in 2009, I did a post about Duck tape. […]

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