Priceless Memory For Sale: $18

February 27, 2023 Herb 38
Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 223032 – 1076 Here’s the haps: Mrs. Herb was feeling a lot better and wanted to go on an excursion. She’s not a big fan of going shopping for shopping’s sake but there are a couple of places she enjoys Continue Reading[...]

Wring In The New

February 23, 2023 Herb 15
Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 223028 – 1074 Here’s the haps: I cannot imagine being a learner of English. What a tedious, impossible(‽) task. What have I wrought in my writing? Was it all for naught or was it rot or wrought? I was fraught Continue Reading[...]

Fate of the Mightiest Nation

February 16, 2023 Herb 14
Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 223021 – 1072 Here’s the haps: Hudson and Landry were a comedy duo from the early seventies that started as radio disc jockeys. Some of their stuff is really hysterically funny. Some bits are not as funny or shocking as Continue Reading[...]

Babe Ruth, Ronald Reagan, Zsa Zsa, And Me

February 6, 2023 Herb 27
Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 22311 – 1070 Here’s the haps: Almost two billion seconds ago, over thirty-three million minutes ago, half a million hours, or twenty-two thousand three hundred eleven days ago I was brought forth on this continent. It seems strange, getting to Continue Reading[...]