Bernadine J. Pike 2/18/30 – 2/18/20

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I have a couple of stories for my new Nice on the ‘Net series but I just wanted to pause and take a moment to reflect on my wife’s mother, Bernadine Pike, who passed away on her birthday in 2020. She was well-loved and well-liked by anyone who met her. Kids of all ages would go to her for hugs and love. Even though she was pretty frail, when she heard that our youngest daughter almost died in childbirth there was nothing going to stop her from flying with us to be with her. Fiercely loyal to family, especially family that took a little time to spend with her, blood relative or not, she would do anything in her power to help somebody. Sometimes the best help she could offer was one of her hugs.

She viewed the world with wide-eyed wonder and every time a great-grandchild would bring her a wildflower you would think by her reaction that she had never before seen a dandelion and that it was the most beautiful flower she had ever seen. She was sincere about that because she understood the love and thoughtfulness that was behind the gesture.

She was a good listener and she paid close attention to what was said. Her tears with you or her laughter with you were real.

She loved puns and jokes and we often did some version of the old “Shirley” routine from Airplane. “Could you fill up my water bottle?” “Surely, I’ll do it right away.” “How many years have you known me? My name’s not Shirley.”

Anyone who knew her liked her and loved her and she is greatly missed.


  1. Your love and the love of her family are well seen in your words. This is very thoughtful of you to share with us the wonderful characteristics of your mother-in-love.

  2. There are not enough people like your late mother in law in this world. What a blessing it must have been to know her. We should all appreciate the special people in our lives more than we do.

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