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Greetings, All! I am introducing a new feature today about nice things and positive stories I’ve found on my travels around the internet. I’m going to try to do it weekly rather than weakly. I decided to do it after I saw this story that shows that even in this modern world, there are still some people, including teenagers, who are doing nice things.

Here’s the haps:

***Edit/Add 2/10/23***

I learned afterward that this video is not available in Canada, Australia, or Japan for whatever reason. I’m sorry. Here is a link to a written version of the story. Tennessee students build robotic hand for new classmate


  1. Certainly is an inspiring story,Herb. This sort of thing renews my faith in human beings. Sometimes after reading and hearing all the negative stuff that goes on in this old world, it is refreshing and even healing in a manner of speaking, to hear something good.

  2. Wow, that’s amazing. He can actually control it just like he has a real hand. That’s amazing. That’s so wonderful and those kids are so cute and so skilled and so lovely…

  3. It’s kind of amazing. I’ve been reading lately about all of the work it took monks in the middle ages to copy books, and how the biggest libraries had like 400 books. I have a couple thousand books in my very modest house, and kids in high school are making artificial hands.

  4. What a nice idea, Herb. The focus in this world is usually on the negative and it gets overwhelming, so reading about good things will be a refreshing change. Unfortunately, I couldn’t view the video because it isn’t available for viewing in Canada.

    • Oh, I’m sorry! I hope that doesn’t happen with all of the videos I post. Search Tennessee Students build robotic hand.
      I wonder if there is a way to find that out before hand.

  5. At its best, humanity is a beautiful thing. I am amazed that a bunch of high school kids could pull off the design and building of something this challenging.

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