Celebrate The Holiday With Biscuits And Pork Sausage Gravy

Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 22307 – 1068

Here’s the haps:

I am feeling quite a bit better, thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers. Mrs. Herb is still under the weather but so far (thankfully) T.N.T. has not been hit too hard.

Now, for those of you across the pond, our language being what it is and the U.K. and America being, “Two countries separated by a common language,” biscuits over here and biscuits over there are not the same thing. What you call scones, we call biscuits and what you call biscuits we call cookies.

Anyway, I thought this morning that I would enjoy having breakfast for supper tonight, which is a thing we do once in a while and what better way to celebrate the holiday today than with biscuits and gravy. I mean, today is Ground Hog Day.

And, yes, Punxsutawney Phil, the most famous of the prognosticating marmots, did see his shadow so we are supposed to have six more weeks of winter.


  1. Personally, I have an issue with Phil and his prediction for 6 more weeks of winter! But your biscuits & gravy sounds better than my chicken that’s in the oven. I guess I know what’s for supper tomorrow night.

  2. If I was weathering the winter in Alberta, I would see what Balzac Billy – the Prairie Prognosticator – had to say. Billy is actually a person in a gopher (technically, a Richardson ground squirrel) costume – because gophers are all hibernating. Billy predicted an early spring.

  3. Too few make the connection between groundhog and ground hog. Now someone needs to tell me the difference between ground hog and road hog. It seems like they ought to be a lot alike, but they are not.

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