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Here’s the haps:

I cannot imagine being a learner of English. What a tedious, impossible(‽) task.

What have I wrought in my writing? Was it all for naught or was it rot or wrought? I was fraught with excitement at the idea of being taught as I ought. Was I wrong? Did I merely wreak havoc or reek of havoc? Cry havoc and loose the dogs of war! War? What is it good for? Absolutely nothin’! This is a semi, well more honestly, pseudo-stream of consciousness. I say it that way because I started this silliness the other day when I saw a couple of other people doing it. I know the two I remember were issababycreates and Iseult Murphy. I did mention Iseult Murphy in one of my Award Winning Wednesday posts back in October 2020 and even though I haven’t been following Issababy long enough to be ready to give the full-fledged award, my initial thoughts about her blog are very positive and you may want to drop in on her.

Anyway, I started this post with the idea of just rambling along in a stream of consciousness but I don’t know if that’s really a doable idea for me. I can do it with a pen or pencil on a page in a notebook where my audience is limited much easier. But looking back at my title I have to wonder if wrought is the past tense of wring. I did learn that it is not the past tense of wreak and just now discovered it is, in fact, the past tense of work. So when someone has wrought havoc that is the same as saying they worked havoc. the past tense of wreak is wreaked but wrought works well with havoc. “What are you talking about, Herb?” “I don’t know, I’m just trying to wring a blog post out.” “Wring it out? Well, you are all wet, sometimes.” If I succeed I will have wrung it out but if I called you on the phone I will have rang you up. This is a lot of handringing or, rather handwringing. If I were a campanologist I would probably do some handringing. And why, after I have rung the bell, did I not finish handwrunging?

Never mind all that, how about some memes and ‘toons? That’s what I thought, too.


  1. The thing is, Herb, that some of the most valuable moments in literature have occurred when someone allows the subconscious to do the writing. Exercising the mind in this manner certainly strengthens it and can open doors to receive thoughts that might never have occurred. Creative writing is something like creative thinking — It flows from a never empty well of consciousness that permeates the very being of every human being — and that human well of consciousness is fed from the constantly flowing stream of thought and knowledge that flows all through the Universe like an intellectual river — and that river is best accessed when one detaches from the mundanity of the everyday world and relaxes into the comforting void of reality as it really is …and so when you practice this you are doing yourself and all your readers a great service. he real person is the person that resides, just out of new, deep inside the person — and that is the person that can produce the magic that becomes transformative writing … and I, for one, think you are gifted.

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