Award Winning Wednesday – Herb Thinks Iseult Murphy Is Special & Would Like To Have Coffee Sometime

Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 22167 – 737:

So, here’s the deal. I have blogs that I think everyone would, could, and should like but I also have blogs that I follow that maybe wouldn’t fit everyone’s taste. I either like the blog itself but understand that not everyone would like “that sort of thing” or I like the person who writes it. Sometimes it’s both. Such is the case with Iseult Murphy over at her eponymous blog. Her subject matter is frequently Horror and she has published several horror novels. She also does Science Fiction and Fantasy. Publishers will send her books before they’re out for the general public because she reviews them honestly.

She has done quite a lot of other reading as well. I think this because she will do “buddy-reads” with other bloggers. She did one with Dumbest Blogger and that may have been where I first saw her blog. She comments here and on other blogs that I read and I believe (subject matter notwithstanding) she is really a very nice person. She is an animal lover, which to me indicates a softness in the heart and perhaps the head as well. In fact, I am giving her two awards, neither of which comes with any strings attached. No asking a bunch of questions and making up more questions then tagging 57 other bloggers but a genuine award because I like her. She is a blog that may not appeal to everyone, thus the special award and I think she would be an interesting person who could have a conversation on a broad range of topics.

So, Iseult Murphy, I award you both of my awards:


  1. It’s awesome that you just take the time to read it and to pass it on to others how highly you think of it.

    • I do. There are a lot of great blogs out there. I don’t write about the other ones. No point in criticizing someone needlessly, especially if they didn’t ask my opinion. By opening comments on your blog I think you are asking for opinions.

  2. Your blog award is a great idea!
    Way back when there were many blogging ‘awards’ being passed around. It got to the point where many bloggers finally said – ‘no awards please.’ Acceptance had a high price in terms of the strings attached…

    • Yeah, I got annoyed by them. They’re not really awards, in my opinion. I like talking about myself, though so when I’m “nominated” I will answer the questions in it.

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