Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 22131 – 702: Many of you may remember that this whole streak of making at least one post per day, even if it is just one sentence, started with a blog post I read by a marketing maven named Seth Godin. He had been blogging for 11 years and never missed a […] Herb’s blog, Herbdate 22126-697: I wish that the WordPress spam filter, Akismet, made some similitude of sense sometimes. I mean, I am glad to have it because if you have ever looked in your spam filter you will be quite shocked at some of the things. Since this last update to WP, I have noticed […] Herb’s blog, Herbdate 22103-674: Lisa Mae over at The Road Back To Life nominated me for an award. The Liebster, I think. Hold on, let me check. Yeah. Normally I would make some snarky remarks about these awards and being nominated but I have a lot of respect for Lisa. She started blogging to express […] Herb’s blog, Herbdate 22096-666: Most Dearly Beloved Fans, Friends, Fiends, Foes, Foundlings, Frogs, Freaks of Nature, and Fierce Advocates, I have something sort of like a confession to make. I have discovered some posts in one of my 2009 folders that I never got around to reposting here on the site. It was a weird, […] Herb’s blog, Herbdate 22095-665: Quite some time ago it was brought to my attention that people said they liked my blog but were having difficulty commenting using the WordPress Reader. I loosened up a bunch of settings and thought I had fixed to problem. Nobody said any more about it. Apparently there is still a […] blogging – The Haps With Herb

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