New Streak

Today marks the beginning of a new streak. I missed yesterday. To be fair to me, there was a lot going on. We had to take Grandma to the Emergency Room last night and even though it turned out to be okay, actually pretty good, that place always costs time, even if I didn’t stay I still had to do the driving.

Sound like an excuse? It is. But it’s the best I have. Actually, it was the very late elevens when I got home and I was going to try to through something on here, but it was 11:58 when I got to the computer.

What I was going to write last night was a kind of med reminder. She has this little, tiny white pill, about 3/8″ in diameter, that I have to cut in half, making it about 3/16″ in size, (9.525mm & 4.7625mm respectively for my international followers) that she missed the day before. A teeny-tiny little pill caused a bunch of trouble. She is okay now though. I think it’s because she is friends with the Chief Physician more than anything else, though.


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