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I wish that the WordPress spam filter, Akismet, made some similitude of sense sometimes. I mean, I am glad to have it because if you have ever looked in your spam filter you will be quite shocked at some of the things. Since this last update to WP, I have noticed that my spam comments have gone down, except that now we are back to people I know and like and want to have comment are winding up in the spam folder.

This evening, as I was pondering what to post it occurred to me that I haven’t checked my spam folder in the last couple of days so I went in there and sure enough, there sat Mr. Ohh and Beck quietly waiting to be let out of Spamville. Now, I could understand if they had never commented before but they have commented plenty of times. In fact, right next to their names in the spam folder is a little notation that says “33 Approved” and “24 Approved” which tells me that they have used the same credentials each time and are known commenters. What gives?

I went to the Plug-in settings and there is no way to “White-list” someone’s IP or e-mail address. I filled out their contact form but since I am using the free version I don’t know when they will get back to me. But you know what? If that is the biggest problem I have to face, I am probably doing pretty good.


    • I can’t understand it and they aren’t very responsive. It does catch the nasty stuff, but I ought to be able to say I want to receive comments from someone, especially who has been approved multiple times. Oh well. If that’s the biggest problem I ever have to face I’m probably doing alright.

  1. Nothing is ever perfect but Akismet does seem to get over-aggressive at times. I am trying to get into the habit of quickly checking my spam comments whenever I post something (which I have just realised that I haven’t done today) just to make sure that no legitimate comments get stuck there for too long.

  2. I get spammed by WP all the time.
    I think at some point I angered the WP Overlords and this is just their way of putting me in my place.
    That or I just annoy the crap out of everybody!!! 😂

  3. I hope I don’t end up in the spam folder. I’m sporadic these days because I’m back to teaching the ballerinas English. If I seem to be MIA at times, know that I’ll be back! I’m a Herbite!

  4. My students are at a ballet school. Academics in the morning and dance all afternoon. I have 18 grade 12 students and 11 grade 11 students. They are WONDERFUL kids!

  5. I don’t know about beck But I found out why I show up in spam. I like tp use the tag Ling “Stay well and Laugh” If i use it twice in the same blog Akisimet thinks I’m spamming you

    I now watch and try to change my tag

    Laugh well and Stay when you can (??)

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