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Quite some time ago it was brought to my attention that people said they liked my blog but were having difficulty commenting using the WordPress Reader. I loosened up a bunch of settings and thought I had fixed to problem. Nobody said any more about it. Apparently there is still a problem, however.

Are you, Gentle Reader who uses the Word Press Reader app on your phone or tablet, still having to leave Reader and come to the blog itself to comment? I didn’t know the problem still existed. I follow the fairly new blog of an English Teacher/Children’s Poet whose name is A.J. McGregor. The blog is called The Lonely Meatball and the poems are quite clever and a bit more insightful than being mere child’s play. They mentioned to me that the little “comment bubble” is not visible. I am really upset. Mainly because I didn’t think this was a problem anymore and also because it ought to be an easy fix. I set up Ben’s blog and his comment bubble shows up in Reader so I went and checked that our settings were the same. I discovered there appear to be some settings that are different between the two blogs, so now I will go in and putz around until I get it right.

I really enjoy comments and I enjoy the witty banter that occasionally arises so I really want to get this fixed. I went to the Jetpack troubleshooting page and one of the suggestions was that it may be the theme I’m using. This is annoying because it means I have to switch themes again, which I like to do, on my own terms, and for my own entertainment. I like my themes and the little plug-in doo-dads but I like to hear from readers more. I found out that the “Subscribe2” plugin could be interfering with it. I love my e-mail subscribers, some of whom have been with from the beginning but all I had to do was change a setting.

So, if you use the Word Press Reader to read my blog on your phone or tablet rather than coming to the site, please let me know if I have fixed it by leaving me a comment. Thanks.


  1. I only ever go to the actual page – not the Reader – and on a PC. It’s more time consuming but if I don’t I’ll simply go like like like like without reading anything.

    • Thanks for sharing that. I’m trying to make it a useful tool. I don’t just click like if I really don’t like or haven’t at least read the piece. Sometimes, for me, clicking like on a post indicates that I read it.

  2. I’m a lazy reader who predominantly operates in the ‘reader’ and your comments are now working there. I’m also a lazy commenter so if I fail to comment tomorrow it’s no real confirmation of anything other than I’m just lazy.

    • I can relate to lazy. I am happy that it’s working in Reader, though, because there are, I think, many of your ilk on WordPress, lol.

  3. I can now comment! I’m quite excited about this because I had been wanting to for some time, especially after your horrible day last week. I hope your wife is feeling better with each passing day, and I hope Hey-Boy smells skunk-free. Thank you for fixing the problem and your lovely words of support. I do enjoy your blog.

  4. For me, the problem persisted until today – and now it’s solved. It’s a miracle! I’m a lazy git, so you’ll probably hear more from me now. Sorry.

  5. I always read on the actual website because I like to see how the site looks. The formatting in the reader is off and you can miss out on quite a bit that way. However, if it works for others, that is good to hear.
    Also, I use my computer, so I’m not in your research population.

    • That’s cool. I like to see some of the different designs and I like my random quote generator widget on the site itself. The reader does not do justice to a lot of people’s posts, especially poetry.

  6. Not sure about all these changes but necessity dictates what it will. The site is the best (my opinion).

  7. I don’t use the reader because I refuse to get a smart phone. I will not spend my days with a leash in my pocket. But that’s just me. I do like the thought of throwing the computer out the window though

    Stay well and laugh

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