My Tough 6 Week Workout Regimen

Herb’s blog, Herbdate 22094-664:

There are a lot of websites with a vast array of ideas about how to exercise and be healthy and such but so far none of them can beat my newly adopted system. I have come upon an exercise plan that will be the envy of fitness mavens everywhere. It’s what I have called, “The Great Potato Sack Workout.” (Sorry Tony, but it doesn’t matter if they are filthy, filthy Idaho Potatoes or beautiful Maine Potatoes for this exercise.) Some of these times may need to be adjusted and that’s okay. Just work at your own pace. It’s supposed to be 6 weeks but your results may vary.

Week 1
Take two 5 pound potato sacks and, with one in each hand, hold them out at arm’s length for 1 full minute a couple of times a day.

Week 2
Take two 10 pound potato sacks and hold them out for a full minute the same way.

Week 3
Increase to two 25 pound potato sacks.

Week 4
Two 50 pound potato sacks.

Week 5
Take two 100 pound potato sacks and hold them at arm’s length for a full minute.

Week 6
Put a potato in each bag.


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