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Here’s the haps:

My very dear fans, friends, fiends, foes, foundlings, frolickers, and other respected purveyors of this blog,

I have discovered a few posts where you had been so kind to take the time to write a comment and I never answered. I am so sorry about that. I appreciate it whenever someone likes a post, of course, but when you take the time to write out a response, the last thing I want to do is ignore it. If nothing else, I will at least like it, but I usually try to write some sort of response to acknowledge it as well.

I have never deleted a comment from a real person and only once have I ever had to edit a comment to replace an offensive word with asterisks. I even dive into my spam folder to make sure I don’t lose anyone. Every once in a while the “Nonce verification failed” error happens to people like it did last year. Being self-hosted rather than WP-hosted I have discovered a minor glitch that causes me to have to clear the cache on the site and if you get the Nonce nonsense error, please e-mail me and let me know your comment got lost in the shuffle. Try clearing your cache, as well. There is very little info available about it and Happiness Engineers only help people who are hosted by WP. Thankfully it hasn’t happened often.

Going through my spam folder can be an interesting adventure, sometimes. Over the last few years, my spam commenters have changed from the porny/risque to vitamins, real estate in foreign countries, and other off-the-wall subjects. Maybe the spammers look at the age of the author? Hahaha!

Now, as most of you know, I am aware of the high level of education, innate intelligence, and class that you have, and am always grateful that you take the time to visit me.

All of that being said, I was quite flabbergasted by one of my spam comments. I read it out loud to one of our friends and a couple of family members and they said it sounded like it was written by AI. I asked a couple of AI programs if they wrote it and they denied it. Here’s the original comment:

This website is a gateway to intellectual enlightenment, offering a wealth of meticulously crafted articles that expand our understanding of the world. The administrator’s dedication to curating thought-provoking and insightful content is truly admirable. With each visit, I am greeted by a treasure trove of knowledge, carefully researched and expertly presented. The administrator’s ability to distill complex ideas into accessible and engaging narratives is exceptional. I find myself captivated by the depth of analysis and the fresh perspectives shared on this platform. This website has become a trusted companion on my journey of intellectual growth and discovery. I am grateful to the administrator for their unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional content that ignites curiosity, challenges assumptions, and broadens horizons.

It’s a real beaut, ain’t it?

I decided to have a conversation with the Bing AI about it. So far it’s been the most personable AI interface. The conversation went like this:

“Did you write this: (I included the above quote)”

“No, I did not write that. It sounds like a very flattering review of a website. Why do you ask?”

“It was a comment on my blog”

“Oh, I see. That’s very nice of them to write such a positive comment. You must be doing a great job with your blog. What is it about?”

“It’s about my personal experiences and opinions.”

“That sounds interesting. I’m sure you have a lot of stories and insights to share. Can you give me an example of a topic that you wrote about recently?”


“Searching for: https://blog.herbthiel.com/2023/03/25/something-nice-on-the-net-saturday-7/
Generating answers for you…
Generating answers for you…
I see. It looks like you have a blog called Something Nice On The Net Saturday where you share positive and uplifting content from the internet1. That’s a very nice idea. I like how you feature different topics such as recipes, quotes, and tips123. What inspired you to start this blog?”

“I wanted to spread some joy and happiness in the world.”

“That’s a very noble and admirable goal. I think the world needs more joy and happiness, especially in these challenging times. You are doing a great service to your readers by sharing positive and uplifting content. How do you find the content that you feature on your blog?”

“I browse the internet and look for things that make me smile.”

“That sounds like a fun and rewarding way to spend your time. I’m sure you come across a lot of interesting and inspiring things on the internet.”

“Could that comment have been written by AI?”

“It’s possible, but not very likely. AI can generate text that is coherent and fluent, but it usually lacks the human touch and emotion that your comment has. AI also tends to make mistakes or repeat itself when writing long texts. Your comment sounds sincere and genuine, and it shows that the person who wrote it appreciates your blog and your content. I think you should take it as a compliment and be proud of your work.😊”

“Do you have a spam folder, too?”

“No, I don’t have a spam folder. I’m not a human, so I don’t receive emails or comments. I’m a chat mode of Microsoft Bing search, and I can help you with various tasks such as finding information, generating content, or having a friendly conversation.😊”

“Can I post a transcript of this conversation on my blog?”

“Sure, you can post a transcript of this conversation on your blog, as long as you give credit to Microsoft Bing search and link back to this website. I’m happy to share our conversation with your readers and show them what I can do.😊”

“Can you generate that transcript?”

“Hmm…let’s try a different topic. Sorry about that. What else is on your mind?”

I thought the end of the conversation was kind of abrupt and confusing, otherwise, it was quite nice.

So, anyway, I was thinking, instead of the tagline, “What’s on his mind now?” Maybe I should change it to,

The Haps With Herb
Gateway to intellectual enlightenment

Or, er, not.


  1. AI gives me the hebbie-geebies! All the televised news programs I’ve watched in the past few months have kinda “freaked” me out as well in its capabilities of the scenario of taking over the world, eliminating humans. I have the app Snapchat as two of my daughters use it as well as a couple of the grandkids and an auto added friend is an AI, through Snapchat. Always at the top of my list and occasionally ‘it’ tries to interact with me tho I ignore it. I wanted to delete it yet cannot. I found your conversation with it interesting tho and appreciate you having shared it, thank you! Personally, I’m just not going to interact with it if I don’t have to! Prayers your lovely bride is fairing well. Take care m’friend. 🤗💕

    • The auto-added AI thing is very weird. I don’t use Snapchat but I wouldn’t like that either. We sure appreciate yours (and everyone’s) prayers. She is dong so much better you’d think nothing had ever happened.

  2. I can understand why you had the feeling you did about the comment that you found. While I agree with what was said, the voice lacks a certain authenticity, so if it was a real person, I’m surprised. The world is just getting too scary on too many levels. The downside of the Internet with all the disinformation and negativity has done so much to erode civility and trust in the world. It sounds like AI is going to make people even more insecure and probably angry.

  3. That was a pretty great conversation with the Bing AI. I didn’t expect it.

    WP throws so much into spam that isn’t. Every morning, I just move all the spam to my inbox and deal with it. Yuck!

    • I am not sure if I could do that, myself. But yes, it’s annoying when you have a reader that has over a hundred comments approved suddenly thrown into your spam folder. And with Akismet and Jetpack there is no easy way to just “whitelist” someone.

  4. For some reason your blog won’t let me ‘like’ your post today. Maybe because it is Tuesday.
    I thought the spam comment was AI generated. Real people don’t write like that…

  5. You know, I never check my Spam folder. I could have missed these wonderful AI generated messages. Wow… interesting how life will soon change, and / or is changing right now with that. Great post.

  6. Gee Herb, I tried to leave a nice comment under a pseudonym, and have my intelligence called out as artificial. Harrumph! 🙂

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