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Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 23178 – 1143

Here’s the haps:

There are a lot of things going on in real life at the moment and so the Internet and The Haps With Herb takes a backseat. I do want to thank you all for your love and prayers. There have been many victories. Mrs. Herb is doing very, very well now. Again, if you even have a hint of a suspicion that someone is having a stroke, getting them to the hospital where they can administer the “clot-buster” is vital.

It can be hard to blog sometimes when life is going on. Grandchildren, for example, are far more important than blogging and bring me delight that I can’t express. I notice that some people just flat-out announce that they are leaving off blogging for a while and others pre-write several posts in advance and schedule them. I don’t do either, really, I just write, as Fibber McGee would say, “When the moose is upon me.” One of my favorite old-time radio show episodes is McGee the Poet from 4/3/45. If you have about 30 minutes you should give it a listen.

One of my favorite comedy duos of all time. Of course, I have a lot of favorites but I think Molly’s Irish accent makes me think of my grandmother. My grandma was a practical yet longsuffering and tolerant person like Molly as well, although it was usually us boys that she had to deal with, Grandpa was no Fibber McGee. He knew what he was about. Anyway, thanks again for all your kind thoughts and prayers.

I have a couple of ideas for more posts but first I must, “Woo the moose.”


  1. Good to know your missus is on the road to recovery. I am with you on the blogging times. I don’t post but a few times a week, if that. There are more important things to do, and yep, grandkids and family are more important. I had a small stroke a few years ago, and it’s scary. I didn’t know if was happening.

  2. I had noticed your absence and even mentioned you to some friends as a blogger I follow. You ARE in my nightly prayers when the Lord and I take a “walk around the world.” 😉

  3. So sorry to hear the news Herb, but really pleased that Mrs Herb is making a strong recovery. Please accept all my best wishes for her quickly improving health and the return of your moose.

  4. Although I haven’t been good about checking in these days, you and your family always have my prayers. I’m glad that Mrs. Herb is on the mend.

  5. That is wonderful news about Mrs Herb! And yes, sometimes blogging doesn’t feel very important. But please be assured that we miss your words of wisdom when you are absent from blogging.

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