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Here’s the haps:

I am getting some pictures ready from our campout but I need to find out a little unrelated info from you all, dear Readers, if you please. I was just informed by one of my commenters that when they tried to comment they received an error that said, “Nonce verification failed” Now, it is, to me, quite clever to use what I’ve always thought of as a Shakespearean term meaning, for the moment. I would greatly appreciate it if you could please take a moment to leave a comment and see if you get the error or if it is isolated to a certain user/users. If you do get the error message and can’t comment please drop me a note at herbthiel @ gmail . com

One of the things that I did learn was that it could be related to a new plugin or theme. I haven’t added any new plugins but I did change the theme. Maybe I will have to redo it. Kind of also why I want to know if it’s isolated or not. I also feel confident that it’s not the old Akismet thing of dumping people in spam because these comments didn’t show up anywhere.


  1. Yes, a new theme. I’ve thought about that for a while, but I have been afraid of causing the layout or certain good functionality to go away. A new theme is a great idea, though. After a while, the familiar theme gets too familiar. Let’s see if this comment can be submitted.

  2. I got the email of your posting, read your post, touched the comment button, was routed to login, logged in and was promptly sent here. When I selected to “Like” your post, it turned blue, saying, ‘you and 8 other bloggers like this post’ tho I don’t see my lil icon photo. Very well could be due to my own new iPad that I’m reading this on. If this comment posts, I will respond to it. Generally have never had a problem. 🤗💕

    • Thanks, Allan. I tend to like playing with it but it has caused me problems on occasion. This one appears to be isolated, though.

  3. Commenting… It could also be the browser someone is using. I’ve noticed Chrome messes up blog presentations for some of the folks I usually visit, but switching to Edge fixes it.

    • That’s good to know, thank you. I will ask the person about their browser. I did ask them to try clearing their cache.

  4. And the beat goes on. For the nonce, this appears to be working appropriately for my comment. I hope this also boosts your stats, Herb! ~Ed.

  5. You and me both have problems with compooters. I always wonder if my Likes on comments show up on both computers of readers as well as on the app on their phones. Thus, my recent blog about that.
    Looking forward to your pics,
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

  6. I can never leave a comment on your blog without filling in the ‘details below’ form and enter my email address – even though I have already been able to ‘like’ the post. As soon as I enter my email, the rest of the boxes automatically enter my name and blog address. Strange.

    • That is kind of strange. When I first connected my site to the WP community I tried to make all of the settings for comments as easy as possible for people to use. Thanks for the input, I appreciate it. I will putz some more.

    • That does appear to make a difference. So far I have not received any e-mails about problems either. It’s gotta be something the individual is doing. I sure do appreciate everyone helping out with this, though.

  7. It just happened to me. I read through the email link and went to comment. The blog (like most of them seem to now) made me enter my info, but gave me the option to click the WP icon (which I had just logged into a couple minutes earlier to comment on another blog). I hit “post comment” and got the Nonce error.
    I’m posting this comment through the WP Reader, which I am using more and more because of trouble commenting generally.

    FWIW, my comment was: Testing 123. I like to think that if I avoid changing my theme long enough, it will eventually become vintage cool.

    • Well, I like Vintage Cool, to be sure but I just get this urge to putz…
      Your original comment was not in my spam or pending folders. I can only guess it has to do with the cache, perhaps a browser update? I don’t know.
      I have my settings pretty loose as far as accepting comments goes, I think.

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