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May 25, 2005 Herb 0
Unless you are a fan of the Doctor Demento Show you have probably never heard a song that says, “Rental cars are really great/driving over speed bumps at a hundred and eight…/you Continue Reading[...]
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Writer’s Tranny

May 24, 2005 Herb 0
Arrrggggghhhhh! Thanks for all the well-wishes for me to have something to write about. There I go, first thing I am ending a sentence with a preposition which everyone knows you are Continue Reading[...]
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Some Hoo-Ah!

May 4, 2005 Herb 0
Hoo-Ah! A phrase in the Army that means Sergeant Promotable Carter R. King is now, (drumroll, bugle call) STAFF Sergeant Carter R. King! Hoo-Ah! (Hooah. It’s an Army thing.) Congrats to my Continue Reading[...]