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May 25, 2005 Herb 0
Unless you are a fan of the Doctor Demento Show you have probably never heard a song that says, “Rental cars are really great/driving over speed bumps at a hundred and eight…/you can crash it/you can smash it/’cause it’s only a rental Continue Reading[...]
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Writer’s Tranny

May 24, 2005 Herb 0
Arrrggggghhhhh! Thanks for all the well-wishes for me to have something to write about. There I go, first thing I am ending a sentence with a preposition which everyone knows you are not supposed to end a sentence with. I cannot tell Continue Reading[...]
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Untitled Writing Post

May 15, 2005 Herb 0
So, if you sit down at your typewriter (I use the term colloquially, of course and in agreement with Kelly that typewriters are of the devil) and don’t have any ideas, then what? What can you do? I like to put out Continue Reading[...]
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Savannah Melody Is Here

May 12, 2005 Herb 0
I received a Savannah Melody in the mail today! Scarbrough Gardens sent it to me free because they are grandparents and thought little Savannah’s story was wonderful. Woo-hoo! I ran out and planted it right away. The instructions were so easy Carter Continue Reading[...]
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Update and Abigail’s Birthday

May 8, 2005 Herb 0
Well, last night Margaret called some of the daughter’s friends’ numbers in her cell phone. She spoke with the boyfriend, who swore he hadn’t heard from her. Margaret said, well I would have expected that if you hadn’t heard from her that Continue Reading[...]
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Why Fathers Get Grey Hair

May 5, 2005 Herb 0
Margaret and I went up to the college to pick up Elizabeth. She had called and said she would be done in ten or fifteen minutes. I park, with the intention of waiting for her to come out, but Margaret decided to Continue Reading[...]
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Some Hoo-Ah!

May 4, 2005 Herb 0
Hoo-Ah! A phrase in the Army that means Sergeant Promotable Carter R. King is now, (drumroll, bugle call) STAFF Sergeant Carter R. King! Hoo-Ah! (Hooah. It’s an Army thing.) Congrats to my longtime bosom buddy and lifelong pal. Sorry gals he’s taken. Continue Reading[...]