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Untitled Writing Post

So, if you sit down at your typewriter (I use the term colloquially, of course and in agreement with Kelly that typewriters are of the devil) and don’t have any ideas, then what? What can you do? I like to put out something that is interesting and fun to read but I don’t always have ideas. Or at least not ideas I can articulate. So what then?

I guess you get a similar effect to doodling. No great work of art by itself (tell Sergio Aragones of Mad magazine, that though, huh?), but interesting and often artistic in its own right.

Little thoughts that I think.

Like why are young people so hung up on looks? Looks are the exactly worst way to judge, but they spend bazillions of dollars at the mall each year. They are all participating in a traditional generational exercise. They are trying to find their “look.” They are trying to be, different, unique from the others. That’s why they all wear the same clothes. It happened in my generation, and the one before, etc, etc. Then they hold onto that style (in the case of the goofy pants that look like your dad’s, they have to hold onto them) and when their children go shopping they will say, “Why can’t you kids buy normal looking clothes. What’s wrong with looking like the Saggy Baggy Elephant? You aren’t supposed to wear jeans that are the right size? I don’t know what’s the matter with the young people in this country…Why, I remember back in the day…”

The silliest thing I have ever heard was when a 14 year old told me how things was “back in the day…” I laughed so hard my prune juice went out my nose. Oh, and can someone please DUMP that phrase anyway? The correct terminology is, “Back in the good old days…”

I will be posting some pics to the gallery of Carter getting his E-6. If there was ever a guy who was a sergeant it’s him. Seriously, Carter is a good Cavalry soldier and we civilians can sit at home in our ease with guys like him taking care of the country’s business. I also found an old picture of me and him from back in the day, er, back in the good old days. While he was in the Army I used to set his picture in a little frame next to me on the bar and order him a beer when I had one. He was a real drinker back then, too.

I will post some pics of the Savannah Melody if it does okay. I have a notorious black thumb and can’t tell whether it is growing or dying. It has turned a little brown around the edges (yes I have been watering it and doing my best to follow the fool-proof instructions. I need Herb-proof instructions, though.) but yet I think it is getting greener in the center.

Well, that’s news for now…Oh wait. Have you guys seen the latest news? Elvis is not only alive, but plans to run for president in 2008!

Remember, the Good Book says…What’s the definition of a will? It’s a dead giveaway.

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