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Savannah Melody Is Here

I received a Savannah Melody in the mail today! Scarbrough Gardens sent it to me free because they are grandparents and thought little Savannah’s story was wonderful. Woo-hoo! I ran out and planted it right away. The instructions were so easy Carter could probably follow them! We will find out now if I have a black thumb or not. They seem pretty hardy, both the flower and the baby.

*Last night we had a freeze, which I didn’t know was coming.*

Sorry I haven’t had much to say, lately. I have been working on a couple of writing projects for the Writer’s Digest Contest coming up soon.

The grown-up has moved in with some friends.


Oh, in case you haven’t noticed, our bubbly little friend, Ashley, is back at and watch out world, she’s got a dictionary and knows how to use it! If she keeps correcting her spelling, people might be able to make sense of what she is saying, well, I may be getting carried away a little… Anyway, welcome back, Ashley.

And, guess who has started their own blog? That no-brother-good-in-law-of-mine-from-illi-noise (You’d have to be a Yoopers fan to get that) is at Wayne! That’s right folks. You’ve read his witty comments on the tagboard, now he is one of us…bwahahahahahaha!

Actually, that msn spot looks pretty good. They offer free photo storage. Wonder what the limits are? I pay five bucks here, can store unlimited pictures and my main blog has no ads. I also have more bandwidth to use, more disk storage for the blog itself, etc. I doubt I’ll be leaving anytime soon.

Remember, the Good Book says, “Those who get too big for their britches will be exposed in the end.”

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