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Why Fathers Get Grey Hair

Margaret and I went up to the college to pick up Elizabeth. She had called and said she would be done in ten or fifteen minutes. I park, with the intention of waiting for her to come out, but Margaret decided to go in and check on her. She had an idea of what she would find. Sure enough, there she was, entwined with Troy.

We had talked about this with her at length. We don’t have anything against the boy, but they both have been instructed to wait until he is a little more grounded in the church and has a job, etc. Well, when we got home, mom explained that it is harder for the young man to learn what we believe and teach, and to respect what we as her parents, believe and teach and what Pastor J believes and teaches, if she doesn’t do it herself. He needs to be in church a while and get grounded first, and he has been baptized in Jesus name and received the baptism Holy Ghost, he just needs to really get more knowledge and a job and take some time. They both need to take some time.

This apparently offended her. She told Grandma Pike that she was going out to pick up trash in the yard and that was the last anybody saw of her except a note that said “Don’t worry about me I’ll come get my stuff and move tomorrow. Liz.” Well, we are fairly certain that her friend Stephanie has seen her because she won’t return our phone calls and normally when our house calls she calls back right away. And, to be fair, Margaret called Troy, and, much to his credit, he called right back and seemed frankly as concerned as we are. He has called Margaret twice so far. Nobody’s heard from her other friend, who is in contact with her other college friends.

Well, Herb, you must remember how it was being 18. Oh yeah. I do.

When she gets over her mad and we can tell you more, we will.

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