Update and Abigail’s Birthday

Well, last night Margaret called some of the daughter’s friends’ numbers in her cell phone. She spoke with the boyfriend, who swore he hadn’t heard from her. Margaret said, well I would have expected that if you hadn’t heard from her that you would call me back to see if I had. I guess we will have to call the police and file a missing person’s report. This afternoon we get a brief voice mail saying that she’s alright, she’s staying with a couple of friends and, oh, happy Mother’s Day. Hmmpph!

She came by the house and picked up some stuff to take with her.

Yesterday was Abigail’s 14th B-day! We went to a place here in town called “Mr. Biggs” which is, I guess you could call an indoor amusement park. They have games, an arcade, go-karts, lazer tag and paintball. Her and her friend and her sister and my wallet went. The favorite activity of Abigail and her friend was the paintballing.

Paintball is an activity which involves guns, paint, bruises and welts. Abigail would freak the boys out with what her friend calls her “Kamikaze” approach. Vaguely reminiscent of the scene in the movie True Grit (I seem to remember it in the book, too) where John Wayne comes riding over the hill, reins in his teeth and a gun in each hand. She was too much for some of the boys. Then there were a couple of boys that wouldn’t play with them because she played too hard and “it hurts to get hit with those things.” Well the girls got yelled at by the boys’ mother because they were teasing the boys. When they told me about it I couldn’t believe what a bunch of sissies. I guess don’t play with the big boys or the little girls if you are going to get hurt.

They had a really good time and I put in a full (7 hour) day of sitting on a bench or walking around. And spending money. It was not bad. The lines for the go-karts were way too long, but that was the only problem.

Gotta run this AM, just thought I’d let you know what was happening.

Remember, the Good Book says, “A bicycle can’t stand alone because it is two-tired.”

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