What Do You Represent?

Life is full of symbols and representations. My work uniform represents something. People see it and form ideas, right or wrong, about me based on what they have seen or been exposed to previously. I have always been conscious of this whenever Continue reading What Do You Represent?


So (I think it was 87% of bloggers start their blog entries with the word “so” although that statistic may be outdated any more), This is day 2 of a streak! If anyone is interested, I have joined another retail workforce. I Continue reading Again?

One Armed Paper Hanger In A Windstorm

As in, “Busier than a.” Started a new job at the Amazon Distribution Center. (Read “‘Worst-kept secret’ in Colorado Springs leads to Amazon assumptions” to find out about the warehouse itself.) It’s actually a glorified, reinforced tent right now for unloading trucks Continue reading One Armed Paper Hanger In A Windstorm