So (I think it was 87% of bloggers start their blog entries with the word “so” although that statistic may be outdated any more), This is day 2 of a streak!

If anyone is interested, I have joined another retail workforce. I left the grinning checkmark, which doesn’t treat its employees any better than the big blue box did, for a major Office supply chain with 2 names. I started a couple of days ago. Who knows where this will lead?

God knows. I’ve been talking to Him a lot more lately and it has really been helping. I finished reading the King James Bible through again this year and am starting on a second time around. The last several years I have read it through twice, one year three times.

Remember, the Good Book says, well, read it for yourself and find out.


  1. An office supply store once helped me continue using a laptop after I thought it was no longer possible. Later, it was no longer possible for certain, but it was not the fault of the office supply store. But my sister had a coworker who helped me retrieve my files from the dead laptop. Maybe the office supply store could’ve helped? But they might have charged me money. Anyway, hope the new employer treats you well.

  2. Well, they do provide services like that, but they charge. I have an external hard drive now so my files are in more than one place, but that happened to my daughter-in-law. She’s a photographer and almost lost a bunch of valuable files. As to the job situation, I have a good feeling on this one and I hope it works out too.

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