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One Armed Paper Hanger In A Windstorm

As in, “Busier than a.” Started a new job at the Amazon Distribution Center. (Read “‘Worst-kept secret’ in Colorado Springs leads to Amazon assumptions” to find out about the warehouse itself.) It’s actually a glorified, reinforced tent right now for unloading trucks and distributing merchandise. It’s a good job because all I do is work and come home. I like that. I do my work for fifteen dollars an hour and come home. The problem is getting back used to working graveyard shift again. I like the fast pace of the work and I like most of the management and most of my coworkers and am proud to work there. You can see a picture of the big tent at

In my lifetime I have seen many retailers go by the wayside. Local businesses in my small hometown fearing the coming of K-Mart who in turn feared the coming of Walmart. Montgomery Wards and Sears, catalog shopping giants in their day, gone. Defeated by Walmart and I predict that unless Walmart makes drastic, sweeping changes they will be the next one to fall, likely to Amazon.

So, that’s my excuse. -ish. Just remember, when you are looking for blog posts that I owe you that never seem to happen, the good book says, “Be patient with me and I’ll pay y’all.”


3 responses to “One Armed Paper Hanger In A Windstorm”

  1. Tony Laplume Avatar

    The best thing Walmart has done recently is team up with DC for exclusive comics. And DC is currently rewarding readers with top-notch material. Meanwhile, if you continue thinking highly of this gig, I might seriously consider relocating back to the Springs, depending how my fortunes continue to develop here. Who knows?

    1. Herb Avatar

      Well, so far, so good and the pay is nice, too. The lowest paid employee in the company makes $15 an hr, which I think raises the bar for other employers. I work with one of my previous CSMs for whatever that might mean. I haven’t asked her if she is still with them or not, it just hasn’t come up, but it seemed significant to me. There’s no time to stop to write anything but the time flies by and my stress levels are low.

      I’ve kind of gotten out of the comic book thing because I just can’t keep up anymore, but I did show your Crisis Weekly to my grandson who is more in the know about comic book universes than I am. He read the whole series and thought it was “really cool” and said that your characterizations are right on. If you got that gig you could work from anywhere, I think.

      1. Tony Laplume Avatar

        Hey, thanks for showing it to him, and thank him for saying such nice things about it.

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