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Here’s the haps:

This one is a definite must. We want to do the entire UK, because we both have quite a few ancestors from all over and, as you may or may not recall and may or may not care, we are landowners in Scotland. Because of Mrs. Herb’s diligent research combined with Ancestry DNA, I’ve learned I may not be as much Irish as I had originally thought but that’s okay. Life is a learning process.

I will be rethinking this and be digging into it some more. Now, if you are looking for some good in-depth information about Ireland, one place I would send you is Michael Stephen Wills Photography’s blog category Ireland. Beautiful, professional photos and information. He also has several other Irish categories as well. After my initial shock, I did a little looking around on my own and found that if you were just to drive around the island it would take 13 hours, but you wouldn’t really see much. The island is actually smaller, 302 miles(486 km) long by 171 miles(275 km) wide, than Colorado, which is 380 miles(610 km) long by 280 miles(450 km) wide. When I looked at the site Relax Ireland they had a post of what a 7-day driving tour could look like. Obviously, this is not even in the real planning stage at this time, yet, but it looked really interesting.

As it gets closer to an actual need to plan I will likely consult a few people who know more than I do about it. Like Michael Stephen Wills and horror-writer-blogger-but-actually-a-nice-person Iseult Murphy who has received an award from me as well as a multitude of other, professional awards and lives on the East Coast of Ireland.

You know, I think some of my issues might be because I have a love for some of the Tin Pan Alley Irish music and I had an aunt who called me Clancy. I have both of these albums to give you an idea.

Likelihood of this happening within the next year: 0+%
Likelihood of this happening in my lifetime (Lord willing, of course): 85%
Likelihood of running into someone I know or met on the Internet: 50%


  1. A truly breathtaking country. Each day you meet people you will never forget – unless, of course, you have a drop too much Guinness (and it’s very difficult not to). I truly (my wife was there, you can ask her) once asked directions on a street in Dublin. The man I asked took a very long time thinking about it. Finally he said ‘Well, you don’t want to be starting here…’

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