Lovin’ It In Loveland

June 8, 2023 Herb 11
Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 23133 – 1135 Here’s the haps: Down the road from Estes Park is a town called Loveland. It has a cool name and is a great place to have Valentine’s Day cards postmarked from. Places in other towns offer services Continue Reading[...]

Intermission @ Estes Park, CO

June 7, 2023 Herb 13
Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 23132 – 1134 Howdy, Herbophiles, Here’s the haps: I’m calling this an intermission because we didn’t spend a whole day here although afterward we wished we would have. We slept in and lazed around until checkout time from Boulder. We Continue Reading[...]

We Begin Celebrations In Boulder

June 6, 2023 Herb 19
Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 23131 – 1133 Greetings, Salutations, and Hi there, Herbophiles, Herbophobes, and Homies. Here’s the haps: We went from Denver to Boulder after Mrs. Herb had a doctor’s appointment. We wanted to go see another play at the Boulder Dinner Theater Continue Reading[...]