Throw It Back Thursday – Non-Resolution Number One

Throw It Back Thursday – Non-Resolution Number One

Herb January 6, 2022

Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 22615 – 929

Here’s the haps:

One of the typical resolutions that a lot of people make is to eat less and exercise more. I resolve not to make that resolution. I mean, I can make it, but it won’t do any good. Besides, I’m sure I’m allergic.

12 thoughts on “Throw It Back Thursday – Non-Resolution Number One

  1. Oh my. This means you probably should exercise. The good news is you do several times a week at church. Pentecostals definitely exercise regularly. (Donuts have no carb or calorie count in them, they are too good to be bad).

  2. perfect memes to start off the new year…

    I never knew a treadmill could be so versatile…

    I think my favorite one though is the one that has nothing to do with exercise – it’s the one of the door opening of 2022…

  3. I’m gonna write a whole post about the scary prospects of the new year…

    I’ve never made resolutions. I tried to give a terrible coworker the benefit of the new year’s doubt, but I ended up disappointed, as always.

    I tried very hard to get Canadian New Year’s recognized by my job. It is definitely a real thing. It was not a desperate bid to get another long weekend at all…

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