Might Go Missing For A Few Days
Might Go Missing For A Few Days

Might Go Missing For A Few Days

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Here’s the haps:

Mrs. Herb, TNT, and I all have the Covid. The fatigue is what usually gets me and so if I go missing for a few days, you’ll know why. It was kind of cute because the doctor at the urgent care saw all three of us together. I couldn’t think of any reason why not. He told us that he was happy that we were all vaccinated because the only patients he’s sent to the hospital were not. So, do I see it as the vaccine helped or that the vaccine didn’t work? Or that I would have gotten a really bad cold anyway and been knocked out for a few days?

The whole Covid thing has felt like a giant social science experiment or a viral science experiment. Or a test of the limits of human paranoia? Does trying to fight it play into their hands? Does playing along with them aid and abet their nefarious plot? And if so, who are they?

The whole thing is too deep for me to comprehend. I have to do what I think is best for me and my family and forget the rest. So, I’m going to take as wide a variety of cold medicine as I can at one time, have a nice cup of Lemon Zinger tea with some local-hive honey in it, and go lie down.


  1. Lots of prayers for you and your family. Thank heavens you’ve been vaccinated. The vaccines are a Godsend if you ask me. I’m so sorry your year had to start like this. You people have been having a rough time for too long. I do hope your daughter-in-law and your son can steer clear of this. They don’t need one more thing on their plate. Do take care.

  2. I saw a ridiculous website giving 100 symptoms of Covid. It’s as if every other winter illness has taken a back seat and let Covid take all the blame. Is it Covid, it could be, or it could be a cold, the flu, bronchitis, sore throat, strep throat, mono, 24 hour stomach bug as well. So unless I feel really sick and incapacitated I refuse to buy into it’s Covid as opposed to anything else. Get better Herb to you, the Mrs and TNT.

  3. Wow, wish you recover soon. It is said everybody is going to get it anyway, some sooner and some later. Hope you recover soon. My friend’s mother-in-law was knocked out for a day or two, but recovered quickly since she’s vaccinated and boosted. I am waiting for Omicron right now and i know it is coming.

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