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Here’s the haps:

A while back, I don’t even remember exactly when it was (a couple of years ago?), I saw that a person had written a comment in German on one of my posts. It was a nice comment as I remember Google translating it and I noticed over the next few posts the same thing happened. Finally, I asked the person why their comments were in German and they said that when they read my blog it appeared in German on their device and so they thought that’s what would be natural. I have been following the blog Be Kitschig ever since.

Kitsch is, as defined by Merriam Webster:

1: something that appeals to popular or lowbrow taste and is often of poor quality
2: a tacky or lowbrow quality or condition

Well, tacky and lowbrow fit me pretty well sometimes so it’s kind of a good fit. And, when you see some of the treasures found at flea markets (which appear to be the same worldwide) pictured and certainly the lovable garden gnomes and just kitschy stuff (including some of the memes) you will think it’s appropriately named. Tours of street art in Berlin are fascinating although some of the art and, on rare occasion, the language, might be “PG-13” instead of the usual “G” I strive to recommend. That being said to avoid confusion on the part of my readers to whom it’s important to know these things, I have to say I follow this blog and recommend it. One post that truly captures the nature of kitsch is Flea Market Hall Berlin Treptow. But more importantly, if you follow this blog, you will find that under the kitsch is a very nice person who is neither tacky nor lowbrow.

As you know, my award does not require any backlinks or answering a bunch of questions, or finding a bunch of other bloggers to tag. She can put it in a post or place it on her blog, link to me if she wants, or do nothing whatsoever with it. but I am offering, from Herb’s Blog, the “Herb likes this blog and would like to have coffee with this blogger sometime,” award to the interesting, sometimes whimsical, very often kitschy blog, Be Kitschig.


  1. Well Herb, thank you so much for your lovely words. I would love to have coffee with you some day! Plain black, no fuss, thanks.
    Mabye I need to think about that PG rating 🙂 I guess living in a country where you see naked body parts on ads and TV at any time of day I might not even notice … I am very happy you like my random kitschy scrapbook! — Strangely enough, your blog doesn’t appear in German any more. Here’s to fun beginnings and lovely meetings in the WP universe, cheers!

    • You should. It would be cool and interesting. I made it up originally because I got tired of all the internet chain letters that call themselves awards. It’s just people and places I like and feel my audience would enjoy or find helpful or whatever.

  2. Wow, would love to read the blogs you recommend. Yes, google translation can almost eliminate the need to study a foreign language. LOL. There’s a really big flea market in South Jersey too and it is so big that it takes hours to go through it. I even drove there once and it was a 40 minutes’ drive. Love the atmosphere there…

    • I try to share blogs that I think my readers would appreciate. I love flea markets, rummage sales, thrift stores, anything like that.

  3. These are fun to read and enjoy. You remind me that my life has been blessedly free of those chain letter awards for some time now.

  4. This looks like a fun blog Herb. I, too, would like to have a cup of coffee with Jeanine at Be Kitschig. Her posts always give me a smile and I like how you two “met”.

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