It Tastes Just Like Chicken!

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Here’s the haps:

The toddler wanted to have dinosaur meat for lunch. Since getting fresh dinosaur meat is such a process and I had to get ready for work, I decided to cop out and go to the grocery store and get some. The employee was very helpful and showed me several varieties. I took the package with the whole grain breading on assorted T-Rex, Brontosaur, and Stegosaur cutlets. You know how people are always saying this or that tastes like chicken? Well, surprisingly this dinosaur meat tasted like chicken.


    • lol, thanks. People seem to say that about a lot of things, though, don’t they? “I’ve never had frog legs, what do they taste like?” “Tastes like chicken.”

  1. You know what, when I had a crocodile burger in Australia it actually did taste like a weird, slimy slightly spicy chicken. Dinosaurs can’t be far off then

  2. “assorted T-Rex, Brontosaur, and Stegosaur cutlets”. LOL That’s funny. I once went with a friend to Rutgers University campus to taste their crocodile sandwich, but it doesn’t taste that good. Too stringy almost like eating a waist belt. LOL.

  3. My grand father used to talk about huinting the dinosaurs. We all believed him hor a while. Now you know how I turned out the way I did. Here’s hoping yours are smarter
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