Award Winning Wednesday – Sandra J at Into the Light Adventures

Herb’s blog, Herbdate 22104-675:

There are so many blogs and I try to visit as many as I can, it’s something I enjoy. One of my favorite types of blogs is a photo-blog. It interests me; the amount of artistic creation that can go into taking a picture. And every photographer is like every blogger, very different, even in the same genres. Everyone that has a camera (and many smartphones have really nice cameras) and takes a picture is not a photographer. The pictures you’ve seen from me can attest to that. My daughter-in-law, who has made a conscious decision not to blog is a good example. My granddaughter also seems to have a knack for it, too.

Sandra J, at Into the Light Adventures is a professional photographer. Her blog, however, is not just a sales pitch for her work or it wouldn’t be featured. She has links to where you can purchase prints of her work but that’s not the focal point at all. She posts beautiful pictures of nature along the Mississippi River and she recently did a post on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Florida. Another positive for this blog is that she often explains the background of the picture but not in a way that distracts from viewing the picture. She’s not overly wordy. Another thing is she often remembers the Creator as she writes. I really like this blog, if you can tell.

Of course (obviously?), she can do anything or nothing at all as she wants to with this award, there are no strings attached, no questions to answer, no linkbacks to make or other blogs to tag, but simply, I am offering the “Herb likes this blog and would like to have coffee with this blogger sometime,” award to the interesting, beautiful photo-blog: Into the Light Adventures by Sandra J.


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