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Curmudgeonly Monday – Over Sixty? Stay Home!

I guess maybe I am more sensitive to this than I should be, but since I have only been over sixty for a little over a month, I feel more vulnerable to discrimination than some who have had time to get used to it. As I mentioned a few months ago, I have a few news sites I check every day. Well, a couple are, more accurately, news aggregators, I check the Drudge Report and a site with a similar format called Complete Colorado which is nothing but Colorado news (Some of you may have guessed that without my telling you). Scanning the latter site I saw the headline, “Gunnison County says fines, jail time for serving customers over 60…” This caught my attention. The article linked above, says that, along with limiting the number of patrons they can serve in a bar or restaurant to fifty, they also have to “card” anyone they think is over sixty and refuse them service.

So, that’s what makes me feel curmudgeonly this Monday.


3 responses to “Curmudgeonly Monday – Over Sixty? Stay Home!”

  1. Beverly Avatar

    Thank you for sharing your post. It all reverses on us: we are cared for as infants and need caregivers as elderly people. We need to show a license to demonstrate we are old enough or responsible enough to drive or do other things (so thankful I am not showing my license for that anymore!) and then we have to show a license to demonstrate that we are no longer fully responsible enough to support ourselves and need government assistance (AARP, Medicare) smaller, cheaper meals at Denny’s or a weekly discount at Goodwill. Oh, the circle of life, lol

    On another note from your link to Gunnison County:

    “…The Crested Butte Town Board, in an emergency session Sunday afternoon, considered closing all businesses to the public with the exception of grocery stores, gas stations, liquor stores/dispensaries, medical offices and hardware stores.”

    Why are liquor stores in this list???? Are you kidding me? I stood in long line at Walmart three days ago to receive a ration of toilet paper for my family’ and they are putting liquor in that same category of essentials during this dark time. Praying so much for our country…

    1. Herb Avatar

      The circle of life is kind of interesting to think about, especially as time moves forward.
      And wow, Sis, you nailed it. Our priorities as a “civilized” nation are really mixed up. Liquor stores and dispensaries,

      1. Beverly Avatar

        Yes. Thanks Brother. Amen

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