Throw It Back Thursday – Tin Gods

So I ran across this phrase in a comic strip and thought, “I really should write about the term and what it means and its usage.”  Except that, I let it sit in my drafts folder for a long time and couldn’t remember what comic strip I saw it in or why I thought it was important enough to tell everyone about, so I just figured I’d toss it away but then I thought, “I’ll throw it back.  It’s a little, ridiculous thing right now, but maybe someone, somewhere down the line will catch it and it’ll be big enough to use for something.”

For the record, the Cambridge Dictionary definition is:

tin god: noun (also little tin god) Someone who behaves as if they were more important or powerful than they really are.


  1. I think Kirk was called a tin god (or something very similar) at some point in Star Trek lore. Funny because he seemingly spent all his time debunking tin gods.

    • Well, I guess it depends on how you see his personality. Tin god may be a bit harsh, but his swashbuckling ways and instant command decisions might rub someone the wrong way.

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