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Wordless Wednesday

I’ve seen this title a few times around the Internet today, but there is always a comment attached to the photos or whatever. Or some Lorem Ipsum text, which was kind of weird. Especially since the original filler text, used by printers from way before the Internet, is real words, just an old Latin text by Cicero. When printers and nowadays, web designers, want to see what a page will look like with some text in it, but nothing that will distract a person to read it, they would put in this filler text. Its common name is Lorem Ipsum text because of the first few words.

You can read about the history of it in this fairly short, but fairly complete article entitled, oddly enough, Lorem Ipsum. Now there are a lot of variations on that standard because people got bored with the standard “Lorem Ipsum” text. This is a really silly thought to me because it seems to me that the whole purpose of the thing is to be boring so you can see what your page will look like without distraction. There are many on the Internet but a few of them, in no specific order, are:
Cat Ipsum, Bacon Ipsum, Pirate Ipsum, and many more.

Oh! Ooo! And guess what else‽ I learned how to make an interrobang on the Gboard I use for texting. I was really excited. You open a text, on the keyboard (I use Gboard on my phone, so this works for that for sure) and you click on the little “?123” button that takes you to the part of the keyboard with the numbers and symbols, then you touch and hold the question mark. It gives you a choice of either the inverted question mark used when writing Spanish or the interrobang!

Well, I was excited.

Please always remember that if you click a link that goes off my site, I can’t be responsible for what they have on their site. I try to be reasonable when adding links so that the majority of my audience won’t be offended, but I can make no promises.


3 responses to “Wordless Wednesday”

  1. Petra Avatar

    Wordless Wednesday is confusing for me too!

  2. john liming Avatar

    There is a yellowish background behind the very weak typeface on your blog that makes the whole thing very difficult to read. The Yellow-Orange headlines on your articles are practically invisible.

    1. Herb Avatar

      Thanks. It’s a new theme and seems a bit buggy.

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