Mom's Poster

November 30, 2019 Herb 1
As I was strolling along through the archives, in a blogging folder from 2005, I found a file titled, “Mom’s Poster.” Neither one of us remembers the exact circumstances that caused it, Continue Reading[...]


November 29, 2019 Herb 3
Going through the archives is kind of a history lesson sometimes. This is from an email from 1999. Still a good one, though. An anagram is a word or phrase made by Continue Reading[...]
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Working, Working

November 27, 2019 Herb 1
I have an entry started, which you will see tomorrow, about some memory images of my childhood. It’s 1,100 words long so far but with working today and prepping for the holiday Continue Reading[...]


November 25, 2019 Herb 2
A man walked into a gift shop that sold religious items. Near the cash register he saw a display of caps with WWJD printed on all of them. He was puzzled over Continue Reading[...]
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Grandma Fell

November 24, 2019 Herb 2
Every year Our church has a giant potluck dinner around Thanksgiving called the Harvest Feast. It’s a great get-together with skits and songs and food, food, food. When we first got here Continue Reading[...]

Food Origins

November 23, 2019 Herb 5
Beef, Pork, Etc. Sarah Kay was studying the origins of foods in kindergarten. One day, she and her mother were walking through the grocery store discussing what ingredients went into various products. Continue Reading[...]


November 22, 2019 Herb 7
Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 21839: Ah, that much maligned, hated on, non-punctuation mark, the combined exclamation point and question mark, the interrobang. One of my favorite marks of punctuation, it is not accepted as Continue Reading[...]

Back In The Saddle

November 19, 2019 Herb 2
For some reason, anything hosted under my account,, was blocked by Xfinity. I’d spent 3 hours with Godaddy figuring out it was my ISP then 3 more hours with Comcast/Xfinity trying Continue Reading[...]