Back In The Saddle

For some reason, anything hosted under my account,, was blocked by Xfinity. I’d spent 3 hours with Godaddy figuring out it was my ISP then 3 more hours with Comcast/Xfinity trying to get the problem fixed. I woke up this morning and it was fixed but I am still waiting for them to call me and give me an explanation. But at least it’s fixed.

So, before I go back to making my rounds of blogs new-to-me and old, I though I had better post something. More computer-related weirdness, however, this time with WordPress. I had had a free account with them a few years ago before I decided to self-host. When I went to use the WordPress app to connect to this blog, I would up connected to the other one. I think I have it mostly straightened out, but if you see comments from Logan Sackett, it’s likely me. I have discovered several blogs and websites by different Logan Sacketts, however.

I’m not counting missing a day as breaking my latest streak because I couldn’t find a way to get in.


  1. Good you shouldn’t count the missed day because you literally couldn’t do anything at all about it. Your streak is going good I love it.

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