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Letter To Governor

January 17, 2008 Herb 3
I have an article in the works telling you who to vote for in the upcoming days, but here is a little something for you.  We have a local politician who is about as conservative as they come, named Douglas Bruce.  One Continue Reading[...]
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010808 Update

January 8, 2008 Herb 2
Well, I hope you all enjoyed my little scam-baiting escapade.  It wasn’t very good, really, but I like Herr Professor and plan to bring him back.  One of the main things is to try to waste as much of their time as Continue Reading[...]
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Hadji Replies With Pics

January 7, 2008 Herb 3
On Dec 2 I received this mess(age) from my close friend and business associate, Hadji. Hello.     I acknowledge your willingness to assist me. I need you to collect my £5million Five million Pounds lodged with the Bank in England and distribute Continue Reading[...]
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Scambaiting Pt 1

January 4, 2008 Herb 2
There is an occupation that Skunkfeathers has been engaged in for a long time called “Scambaiting.”  Basically what you do is take one of those spams that you get from the Nigerian Banker and answer it.  Not giving any real information, of Continue Reading[...]
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How To Pick A Candidate

January 2, 2008 Herb 5
I talked to my dad.  He was his usual self but a little bit down and tired sounding.  “I just scrubbed the bathroom and the kitchen and my back started hurting me some so I decided to sit down for a while Continue Reading[...]