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Letter To Governor

I have an article in the works telling you who to vote for in the upcoming days, but here is a little something for you.  We have a local politician who is about as conservative as they come, named Douglas Bruce.  One of the reasons he is a hero in the minds of most right-thinking citizens is that he sponsored a bill (before he was ever elected to anything) nicknamed “TABOR” which stands for Taxpayers Bill of Rights.  You can read about it at his website

Mr. Bruce is controversial to a lot of people not only because of his conservative views, but because he does not have a charming and endearing personality and is not known to be strong on his tact and diplomacy.  There has been a major uproar

Subject: Apologize to Douglas Bruce

Explanation: The problem is not with Mr. Bruce but that you would allow the Media to disrespect the halls of our capitol. The photographers should not be allowed to crawl all over like ants that way and should have respected his wish not to be photographed during a solemn moment. If the request had come from some other source it would have been honored. As the Governor, you should request a halt to this “investigation” and should ask the photographer to apologize to Mr. Bruce.






3 responses to “Letter To Governor”

  1. Maripat Sparks Avatar
    Maripat Sparks

    Unfortunately, your first link goes to Page Not Found and the second link doesn’t go to a video (at least for me).

    I’m glad to see that you are taking our governor to task on this.


    1. Herb Avatar

      Yeah, that is an issue with reposting the older stuff. It was to the news story about the reporter taking Douglas Bruce’s picture during prayer and Doug kicked him over. I didn’t even get a canned response to that one, though, lol.

  2. Amber Avatar

    On that note, ok then.

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