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New Poll Question and Computer Repair

There are days when I really hate computers, but then I realize that it’s just mine that I hate. I guess I like them all right as a group, it’s just this one certain individual that I don’t like. Well, I guess it’s more of a love/hate relationship, really. The computer does keep me connected with all of you and there are getting to be more and more of you everyday, too. Just, sometimes, I really feel like taking the computer out and smashing it to bits with a sledgehammer, not to be confused, of course, with Sledge Hammer although that .44 of his might be useful. I could take a gun and shoot the computer full of holes, THEN smash it with a sledgehammer, then pour gasoline all over the bits and pieces and light it on fire and then, after it had cooled, drive over anything left with an old army deuce-and-a-half (two and a half ton truck) and flush any remaining bits down the toilet. Then I will sit on the curb and blather my finger against my lips until the nice young men in their clean white coats come.

Scott W was telling me that his computer only comes on every fourth time he tries to turn it on, so Scott, if you have made it here to my blog, first of all, I am highly honored that you would take your precious computer time to spend it here, and secondly, I hope the above instructions for computer repair are helpful.

Umm, as I told you guys before, my computer is on the way out.

Okay. When I was a boy I used to watch my dad butter a pack of saltines and make little sandwiches of them and eat them. The crackers came in a package that had four crackers together with perforations so you could break them down to the size that is common in grocery stores nowadays. BTW, does anyone still package crackers that way?

Anyway, my new poll question is about this snack. I love it. I will take a whole sleeve of saltines and butter them up (real butter is best, especially for buttering up) and put them on a plate and eat them. Sometimes I will take a couple of slices of American cheese and quarter them onto some of the crackers. My wife had never seen anyone eat this snack and my kids are not exactly taken with the idea of them, but I love ’em.

So, anyway, please answer today’s poll question and leave a comment. And Carter and Daveman, if you see a polecat, don’t play with it! Don’t touch. I mean it…

Remember, the good book says, if Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?



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2 responses to “New Poll Question and Computer Repair”


    This post was in my new subscriber notification. I noted the date, so here is my feedback.

    I have a HP Pavillion, I bought two yrs ago. Been through three others since 2003 (a Dell) and the security issues -especially since stuxnet- are akin to a minefield. Long have I objected to putting personal info out on the Wild,Wild,Web. When a PC got belligerent, I’d simply reboot the B—h.
    Your frustration (LOL) is well understood. My current provider, Charter, has an amazing security program, provided with my subscription. It is the best, bar none, of any previous ones.
    I’m sure part of your frustration would be having to fork over a chunk of money for one of the 3rd party security suites; I had issues with the free ones, and one, which was legit, was geared for IT’s rather than the casual user. You needed to tailor its many functions for you personal needs, and complicated enough I deleted it… Or so I thought.

    It got weird, when several months after -supposedly- deleting it, I found myself blocked from sites that had never been a problem. By then, I’d learned some troubleshooting techniques, but none worked; in desperation, I had to contact the site, and one of their techs via remote access, found the issue in my registry; it was a remnant of the security suite that the system didn’t get rid of.

    In my opinion, Windows 7 was a decent program, which I still miss. My HP has Windows 10; I disengaged many of the damn “apps” as they are called, since so much of this and #11, [which I will resist till I have to “upgrade” to] is all about connecting mobile devices, F’n “smart” TV’s, and other intrusive devices together. I get furious when I see options to “control your PC from your phone”
    For a good dose of my observations, just type “security,” or “google” in my search box.
    I have a source for testing computer security; here is the post:

    1. Herb Avatar

      Thanks for the info. I like Windows 7, but then I miss Windows 95, lol. I installed Dosbox and found a Windows 3.1 just so I could play some games from the ancient times.
      I will definitely check out your security post, thank you so much!

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