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Quick Updates

Well, I have finished making my morning rounds of everyone’s blogs. I use that as an excuse to not write in my own. “Oops,” says Herb, “Ran out of time this morning, guys, reading all of your entries and didn’t have time to write mine.” Not a bad excuse, except that Herb says that I should write my entry first, and then go gallivanting around to everyone else’s place. Herb is such an awful taskmaster. Good thing he doesn’t follow up on any of his threats or I would be in trouble.

Family news…Savannah weighs in at fourteen pounds, nine ounces. For folks new to this blog, Savannah Melody is my son’s daughter who was born between 25 – 27 weeks gestation at one pound, twelve ounces.

Savannah Melody is also the name of a type of unkillable daylily that my black thumb has managed to extinguish. I will buy another from who, for you newbies, sent me a free one to honor the new miracle baby. So I will try again, maybe read the instructions a little better. Wonder if I can kill, er, grow it in a pot in the house? I have to try again, since those folks were so nice to me.

More news, Aunt Janet, is going to be added to the cast of characters soon. She will be coming from WI, but, unfortunately for all of us, doesn’t play the banjo or carry one on her knee. So what good is she? Well, we will have to see. And, introducing a new (soon-to-be) son-in-law, Troy.

Running out of time if I want to take care of pesky ablutions to disenstinkify myself so, food. (I know, I know, it’s ciao, not chow)

The Good Book says, An unemployed court jester is nobody’s fool.





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