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The Wedding

This entry is going to have to be done in installments because over the last couple of days I have had a lot of things going on, including out-of-town guests and a reunion with a great friend and super teacher, so, stay tooned, kiddos.

>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<< Well, the big day has come and gone and I am officially a father-in-law again. Yes, we welcome Troy, Lizzy's husband to the fold. No pics, yet, but there may be some later this week. Got to meet some of her friends and Troy's family. It was a strange weather day Saturday. The wedding was supposed to be at a pavilion in the Garden of the Gods at 2:30, but around quarter to it started a torrential downpour. Pastor called and suggested we use the old church instead. If you have ever been here in a heavy rain, you will understand. Streets flood, cars become boats, lightning flies everywhere. It is great. To watch from indoors. If you have already reached your destination. Well, we were able to get hold of almost everyone, went to the church and waited for the groom to show up. I got to meet some of her friends I had never met before. They were pretty nice, but you could tell that some of them had never been in a church too much and didn't really know what was acceptable behavior. It's sad to think of college "kids," full-grown adults as the story goes, who don't have enough book-larnin' to show a proper modicum of respect and have never been taught that, even if you don't believe in something, you still have respect. Oh well. They were full and actually I quite liked them; I just would like to have seen a little upbringing in some of them. Now it is 2:45 and no groom! We had changed the voice mail, leaving instructions on getting to the church. Visions of shotguns and other pleasantries drift in and out of my head when someone's cell phone bleats through the church. The groom is stuck at Constitution and Academy behind several stalled vehicles. The water here runs so high when it rains like this that this is easy to understand. Finally, a little after three, the groom has arrived. Neither the bride nor the groom had anyone standing up with them because they have longtime friends that might get hurt feelings and this is not really a traditional wedding, anyway. It was not really a "church wedding" but rather a "wedding at the church." The theme, which is western and outdoorsy, is blue jeans and t-shirts. The bride and groom wore red t-shirts and all of the guests, rather, most of the guests, wore western shirts and jeans. This was not a difficult thing for me. It was a nice wedding, with the vows spoken with thick emotion. The little stammers and stutters along the way as they repeat the words indicate they are serious and nervous. Such an event gives hope and peace. *sighs* Well, we have reservations at the Flying W for 12 people and the gates open at 4:30. We have been there so many times that we know that the best seats, no matter what your reservation number, go to the people who are there first. We hit one small snag, there are no personal checks accepted. Fortunately my face is familiar to the man in the booth and I have a couple of names I can drop if the going gets rough, because I have done business with Vern and know Scotty because of his wife Cindy and count them all as good, dear friends. Vern is an honest businessman with a good reputation in the community as well as a great performer. I really love the Flyin' W but can't get to go too often because it gets a little spendy for a big group like ours. Even just our family. More on the "W" in the next installment. Remember, the Good Book says, "The man who finds a wife finds a treasure and receives favor from the LORD."

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